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What’s your stance towards Proud Paralympian?

We call all athletes to complete our questionnaire on Proud Paralympian. By participating in the survey, you help us better understand how athletes feel about the name “Proud Paralympian”. We want to make an informed and athlete-driven decision whether to change or keep the name.

Express your view and take five minutes to answer the survey. Thank you!


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* 1. Region:

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* 2. What age are you?

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* 3. Gender:

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* 4. Which of the following categories best describes you?

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* 5. Do you know what the Proud Paralympian athlete education programme is?

Proud Paralympian is the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) global athlete education programme aimed at Paralympians and those who aspire to compete at the Paralympic Games. It is designed to support athlete development both on and off the field of play, as individuals and active citizens. Proud Paralympian aims to cultivate a generation of Paralympians and Para athletes who act as ambassadors for the Paralympic Movement and advocates for disability rights driving social inclusion.

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* 6. Have you ever participated in a Proud Paralympian event or activity?

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