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Are you working to push back against populist narratives and tendencies? Have you got a new way of doing things that you would like to share with a wide civil society audience?
We are looking for case studies for our new innovation report for the civil society sector.

About the report

The rise of populist governments and movements has become a key influencer of public opinion, including towards international and national civil society organisations (CSOs) and human rights actors. This discourse is often binary and leads the public to ‘choose’ one side or the other. Social media further fuels such divisions by enabling ‘echo chambers’ of inaccurate stories. In this context, CSOs in different countries remain vulnerable to mis- or dis-information campaigns and other forms of politically-motivated targeting.

The International Civil Society Centre and JustLabs’ 2019 Innovation Report will highlight the most promising innovations to tackle populist tendencies, build shared solidarity and promote new emerging narratives and public engagement around civic priorities, space and action. It will analyse the opportunities and challenges CSOs are encountering, as online spaces and technologies can both mobilise public support towards their globalised goals, but also facilitate false information attacks by interests opposed to these aims. It will review how both international and national CSOs and other civic actors are innovating to both capitalise on these opportunities and counter these challenges.

The Report will analyse the emerging effectiveness of these different approaches, and identify key enabling factors which have supported the design and implementation of innovation. It will also highlight innovation case studies from a range of international and national CSOs and countries/contexts, including examples identified through a crowdsourcing approach. This is where you come in.  

Why provide information? How will it be used?

Providing information on your innovation work will provide access to valuable opportunities to the increase visibility and recognition of what you have been doing across a wide and diverse sector audience.

The crowdsourcing part of the process to identify case studies will run until 31 May 2019. Ten case studies from international and national CSOs will be selected by the report authors for in-depth profiling. The shortlisted innovation examples identified through this process for full case study development will be followed up by a member our staff, and co-developed for presentation through multimedia formats, including text, videos, podcasts, etc. Existing communications material can be used, but we also have some resources available to co-develop digital media content about your innovation which supports your own promotion.

The final report will launched at the Centre’s annual sector flagship conference Global Perspectives, in Addis Ababa from 30 October to 1 November, which brings together leaders from civil society, politics and business, with a focus on the legitimacy of civil society. The final case study submitters will be invited to showcase their innovative work as part of the launch of the Report at this event.

The next page summarises the thematic areas for the case studies we are seeking, and defines the main innovation criteria we are using.





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