Virtual consultations & individualised support call

We are pleased to announce the re launch of TGEU´s one to one members virtual consultations.

It has been more than a year since we had to readjust our organising and take our activities online. Strengthening capacities and supporting our members are part of TGEU’s priorities.

From June 2021, TGEU has been offering our members the opportunity to have a one-hour virtual consultation session to check in and explore ways in which we can support your organisation’s work.

Topics that can be covered include:
  • Wellbeing, including activist and/or organisation wellbeing and burn-out prevention.
  • Movement building, including community organising, team building, facilitation, networking.
  • Media and campaigning, including advocacy, communications strategy, events organising.
  • Fundraising and project management.
If you have any questions or need support filling the form, please reach out to us at and/or

Looking forward to connecting, learning, sharing, and organising with you!