This survey is about assessing the role of human rights in the finance industry. With the help of your responses, we will be able to establish baseline data on the current implementation levels of human rights in financial institutions. The survey results will provide a detailed overview of the status of human rights in the finance industry. The results will also highlight specific implementation challenges and inform policy makers and academics where additional guidance is still needed. 
The outcomes of this survey will be made publicly available in the form of a report that we will publish in October 2020. All survey responses will be treated confidentially and only anonymized and aggregated data will be published. The storage of the data will be done in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and data protection provisions under Luxembourg law. 
This survey has 27 questions. The first two questions are broader questions about the finance industry. The remaining questions address your own organization. Your responses should reflect the role that human rights currently play in your organization.
The expected completion time for the survey is 12 minutes.
Your participation is critical to the objective of advancing human rights in the finance industry. We are most grateful for your collaboration and of course, you will receive the final report!

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