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Answer three questions and you can win a free hand-held kit from Singleron!

Singleron Biotechnologies GmbH offers a free GEXSCOPE Single Cell RNA Library Kit SD (2 RXNs) to one selected participant of this survey. The kit contains SCOPE-chip™ for single cell partitioning, barcoding and mRNA capture, and enzyme master mixes for transcriptome amplification and NGS library construction.

To participate in this offer, the answers have to be submitted before 30.06.2022, or before 17.06.2022 with a special extension promo code.

By participating in this survey you agree with the collection and processing of your personal data for the marketing activities of Singleron Biotechnologies GmbH. 

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* 1. What words first come to mind when you think of Singleron?

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* 2. Describe in one sentence what experiment you would do with our single cell RNA-seq kit.

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* 3. What is your level of experience with single cell sequencing?

I have no experience or background knowledge I am expert on single cell sequencing
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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* 4. Please, enter your contact information.

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