Welcome to our survey about spinal cord injury data.

We want to create a large database with published information about spinal cord injury research.
This questionnaire aims to collect opinions of patients and their relatives and friends for the design of this knowledge base, because patients, their relatives and friends will be among the potential future users.

You find further information about our project on our website www.psink.de and this blog on www.spinalcord.com

By completing this questionnaire you can contribute to the development of the knowledge base as a user-friendly and efficient source of information for patients on the state of research on this field.
We tried to make this survey as easy to complete as possible; the answers consist of clickable choices and you will need less than 10 minutes for all questions.

Please complete this form and feel free to add further comments.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!
Prof. Hans Werner Müller & Prof. Philipp Cimiano