Cochrane is in the final year of its transformational, seven-year strategic plan, Strategy to 2020.

Over the past few months, the Governing Board and Senior Management Team have been developing a new strategic framework, which will be relevant until at least 2025. Its role is to guide the work of the whole Cochrane community over this next period. If we can align our collective efforts behind a common Mission and a sharp and insightful set of Goals and Objectives, this will enable us to work effectively together and maximize our impact. 

We’re sharing the strategic framework in draft form for consultation. As a collaborative membership organization, it is critical that this strategy is sensitive to the experiences, insights and ambitions of Cochrane’s members and key stakeholders.

We'll also be asking you some questions about your experience of Strategy to 2020 to start the process of evaluation, which will be completed next year, and to inform any changes to the new strategy.
Survey Questions
You are invited to answer only those questions where you feel you would like to share your opinion. If you have no particular experience or opinion on a certain question, leave it and move onto the next one. The amount of time you spend on the survey will depend on the number of questions you answer.

You do not have to provide your name. Your anonymous feedback will be collated by the Governance & Strategy team (Cochrane Central Executive) and used to inform any changes to the current version following review by the Governing Board and Senior Management Team.

This survey will be open until 2 October 2020. If you have any questions please contact strategy@cochrane.org.
Your role in Cochrane

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* 1. How would you describe your primary role in Cochrane?

Strategy to 2020

In this section, we’re going to ask you about your experience of the Strategy to 2020; by which we mean the Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives that have been guiding Cochrane’s direction and work over the last seven years.

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* 2. To what degree would you say you are aware of the Strategy to 2020?


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* 3. How useful have you found the Strategy to 2020 to be in inspiring and guiding the work of Cochrane Groups and members?

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* 4. In what ways has the Strategy to 2020 worked well for Cochrane?

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* 5. In what ways could the Strategy to 2020 have worked better for Cochrane, in its design and/or delivery?

Proposed new strategic framework to 2025
Vision describes a desired future state for the world, when our Mission has been achieved.

PROPOSED VISION: Our Vision is a world of better health for all people where decisions about health and health care are informed by trusted evidence.

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* 6. Do you think the proposed Vision successfully describes a desired future state for the world, in line with Cochrane’s Mission?

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* 7. If you answered No/Not Really, what do you feel needs to be changed to improve it?

Mission defines the fundamental purpose of the organization – why it exists and what it does to achieve its Vision.

Our Mission is to inform health decision making by producing trusted and timely synthesized evidence, making it accessible and advocating for its use.

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* 8. Do you think the proposed Mission successfully defines why Cochrane exists and what it does to achieve its Vision?

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* 9. If you answered No/Not Really, what do you feel needs to be changed to improve it?

Goals describe four long term strategic ambitions for the organization. If we achieve our Goals, we will achieve our Mission.


GOAL 1: Producing trusted evidence
To produce trusted and timely synthesized evidence addressing the most important questions for health decision making.

GOAL 2: Informing health decisions
To inform health decisions by making Cochrane evidence accessible and usable for those who need it.

GOAL 3: Advocating for evidence
To be a leading global advocate for evidence-informed health care.

GOAL 4: Collaborating effectively
To be an independent, global, diverse, sustainable and well-run collaboration of members and supporters.

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* 10. To what degree would you say that you are involved in the delivery of the Goals for Cochrane?

  Highly involved Somewhat involved Not involved/Not very involved
Goal 1
Goal 2
Goal 3
Goal 4

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* 11. Looking at the four Goals together, do you think they will guide Cochrane’s work in a way that you agree with?

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* 12. If you answered No/Not Really, what do you feel needs to be changed to improve them?


The Objectives articulate the specific areas where Cochrane aims to make tangible and measurable progress over the next 3-5 years, in pursuit of the Goals. They prioritize Cochrane’s work.

You should refer back to the proposed framework summary document on the Your Views page for the Objectives.

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* 13. To what degree do you think these Objectives successfully identify the priorities for Cochrane over the next 3-5 years?

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* 14. Tell us what, if anything, you think needs to be improved or refined in terms of the Objectives.

You may want to feed back that there’s an Objective that is missing; or that an Objective should be revised or removed. Please state your rationale.

Activities are the prioritized areas of work undertaken by Cochrane Groups and the Central Executive Team to deliver the Objectives.

We have provided a sample set of activities against each Objective for 2021 onwards, developed by the Senior Management Team. These activities would be led by the Central Executive Team in collaboration with Cochrane Groups. The idea is that Cochrane Groups also develop activities that will meet the Objectives through their own workplans, in a format and with the timelines that suits their dual accountability to Cochrane and their funders.

You should refer back to the proposed framework summary document on the Your Views page for the sample Activities.

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* 15. What are your views about the sample Activities?

You may want to think about whether they will deliver the proposed Objectives, whether they are feasible for Cochrane Groups to deliver, or what's missing.

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* 16. Do you have any other comments about any aspect of the proposed strategic framework or the strategy development process?

Thank you for your time in contributing your views on the proposed new strategic framework.

For questions or further commentary, you are welcome to email the Governance & Strategy team at strategy@cochrane.org, or contribute to the conversation on social media at #letscollaboratecochrane.