This short survey on "IoT applications value creation for industry" is raising specific but also more general questions to the IoT community, especially on the IoT industry applications, their status, expectations, concerns and experience to date.

The survey results will be presented to the IoT community at the workshop/panel session “IoT applications value creation for industry", to be held on October-22-2017, during the International IoT 2017 conference in Linz, Austria.

Please respond to the survey but also join us at the workshop/panel session and intensive discussions too, as we know from previous sessions.
From an industry point of view VALUE CREATION from IoT applications and sustainability are essential. How these problems will be addressed and solved will influence the use of IoT technologies in the industry, on a larger scale, in the coming years. 

Thank you for participating and for willing to share your opinions and experience regarding IoT applications for industry and thank you also for your time.

Any input from IoT community members is valuable, so please ask also other persons or colleagues interested in IoT to respond to the survey too, send them the link!

Contact:  Dr. Nicolaie L. Fantana ,

* 1. Affiliation

* 2. Professional experience

* 3. Main obstacles or challenges for using IoT technologies more widely in industry? Select top 4 only.

* 4. Which is the main value from IoT systems using PASSIVE IoT devices (RFID, NFC, barcodes). Select top 3 only.

* 5. Which is the main value from IoT systems using ACTIVE IoT devices (wireless sensor networks, distributed measuring, smart mobile devices, beacons etc). Select top 3 only.

* 6. Main areas of industrial IoT applications - presently. Select top 3 only.

* 7. Main areas of industrial IoT applications - IN 5 YEARS FROM NOW. Select top 3 only.

* 8. Which industry areas are expected to have most important benefit form IoT applications? Select top 3 only.

* 9. How to create more value from IoT devices and applications. Select top 3 only.

* 10. Which are the most important technologies / developments impacting IoT applications for industry? Select top 3 only.

* 11. Which are the key emerging application areas and devices expected to impact strongly IoT applications for industry and service? Select top 3 only.

* 12. Your VIEW/VISION on IoT industrial applications in 10-15 years from now. Write a short sentence per view/vision.

* 13. About this workshop “IoT applications - value creation for industry” continue initiative Y/N

* 14. Thank you for answering the questions.

Optional please provide your email address for feedback/contact.

Note that we will have a look at the collected results from the IoT community during our discussion at the IoT2017 workshop "IoT applications value creation for industry" - during IoT2017 conference, Linz.

For any suggestion please contact Dr. Nicolaie L. Fantana ,