Indo-German Centre for Sustainability: Alumni Survey

Indo-German Centre for Sustainability would like to stay in touch with former scholarship holders, project staff and IGCS supporters to offer interesting opportunities and quality services also after their stay in India or Germany and/or involvement with IGCS.

Please take the time to answer a few questions and help us improve our service by letting us know your needs and interests.

Data privacy statement: Your answers will be dealt with utmost discretion. We collect the data to identify interest groups and to develop suitable offers in regards IGCS activities and its sustainability research. Your personal data remain within the RWTH Aachen International Office and IGCS Alumni team. IGCS Alumni team is a group of volunteer who aim to build up a network, lead on by Sakshi Aggarwal. Outside of RWTH Aachen International Office and IGCS Alumni team, your information will not be forwarded to third parties.

Question Title

* Which of the following services and activities would be of interest to you after your involvement with IGCS?