1. A needs analysis for municipal stakeholders

Any city or town looking to set itself on a more climate-friendly path is quickly faced with the challenges posed by our built environment, which accounts for some 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. How do we reduce energy use not only in our new builds, but also in our existing buildings?

The answers to such questions are as diverse as they are inspiring. Adapting them to local conditions and really putting them into action will require an exchange of experiences and best practice examples. It is in this light that Climate Alliance plans to launch its new Working Group on Buildings in autumn 2021. The answers you, as a municipal representative or stakeholder, provide in the following survey will help shape the Working Group’s activities.

We encourage you to have your say and get involved!
And if your work is not tied to building related initiatives in your municipality, please feel free to forward this survey to a colleague!
Survey respondents will receive free access to a training course on energy efficient construction principles as well as digital access to all sessions of the 25th International Passive House Conference, the world’s premier event on extremely efficient construction.


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