Introduction to the Agile Culture Check (ACC)

The Agile Culture Check (ACC) is a derivative of my doctoral thesis in the field of "Culture Transformation to increase agility" and refers to my Framework of Agile Culture (see below).

The ACC provides important insights on where to look more closely in order to increase the agility of organizations. Like all quantitative self-assessments, the results serve as a first orientation and need to be validated subsequently (e.g. interviews, group discussions, prototyping). The ACC is therefore for reflection-purpose only.

As regularly outlined in my blog (, we must focus on creating impact and solving problems. In this context, the ACC represents a first, low-threshold measure to identify cultural aspects that are most likely to be an obstacle to agile transformation.

The survey is completely anonymous and confidential. There is no analysis of individual answers. Please fill in the questionnaire openly and honestly so that the data quality is preserved and we can all learn from it.

Answering the questionnaire takes less than 5 minutes.
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Framework of Agile Culture (Krapf, 2017)

Framework of Agile Culture (Krapf, 2017)