* 1. This is what the Minipops 7 (which is what the clone is based on) actually looks like;
Minipops 7
But obviously that’s a lot harder to build, so mine currently looks like this;
Gary Drum
...Which is based on models like these;
Roland CR78
So, now you need to tell what it should look like...

* 2. It can only have one panel colour, but the text engraved can be any colour.  
Should it be;

* 3. Do you need a Volume pot?

* 4. What size audio jack would you prefer?

* 5. Where would you want the audio jack?

* 6. Where would you want the MIDI jack?

* 7. The switches to mute drum-parts should be aligned in what way;

* 8. Would you rather it be made from high quality/branded parts or cheap/un-branded parts?

* 9. Power! Would you rather it ran on a 9v battery, or a USB cable (or both)

* 10. Would you want cap covers for the switches?
red capwhiteblack