Survey for refugees

Since autumn 2015 we organize the "People Meet People" meetings every first, third and fifth thursday of every month. With this questionnaire we would like to get to know your opinions, to find out what succeeded and what can be changed. It does not matter whether you were in the meetings always, often or rarely. We thank you for the time to answer the questions (about 10 minutes). The PeopleMeetPeople-Team

* 1. How important are the following aspects during the meeting?

  not important at all not important important very important no answer
Speaking German
Food & Drinks
Music & Dance
Games & Painting
Get into contact to other refugees
Exchange about different cultural topics (for example traditions, raising children,...)
Celebration of traditional german fests (for example christmas,...)
Celebration of traditional fests of other cultures (for example Ramadan,..)
Get information about practical questions
support of daily questions and problems

* 2. Can you share your own wishes and topics in the meeting?

* 3. What would support you to have a regular contact to other refugees? Multiple answers are possible

* 4. How secure do you feel in contact to other refugees?

* 5. During the meetings, do you feel respected with your culture and opinions?

* 6. What is your motivation to go to the meetings?

* 7. What would you like to give?

* 8. Do the meetings support you? If yes, how?

* 9. Which ways are useful to invite other refugees?

  I don't know not useful Useful
Flyers in different languages
Visits at home/shelters
Via other PeopleMeetPeople visitors
Personal invitations
Via teachers of language classes and orientation course (for example Fr.Ruth, Stefanie,...)
Via the Info-Cafe
Via the AWO

* 10. How did you find out about the Meetings? Two answers possible.

* 11. The People Meet People meetings are good for whom? Multiple answers are possible.

* 12. Which groups or people should also come to the meetings (for example from the Jobcenter, from companies, etc...)

* 13. Which cultural questions for living in Germany and for the contact to Germans are important for you?

* 14. If you do not come to the meetings anymore, why? Three answers possible

* 15. What else would you like to get from the meeting?

* 17. Age

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 18. State of Origin (Nationality)

* 19. How often do you come to the People Meet People meetings?

* 20. When did you come to Germany?

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.