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TGEU invites lawyers to apply for its 5th legal practitioners’ seminar taking place on 10th April 2019, in Rome at the Rome Marriott Park Hotel. This year’s meeting will be shorter to accommodate for participation of those interested at the 3rd EPATH conference 11-13 April. See below for info.

Practitioners from across Europe will come together to share their experience of litigating cases before national and international courts, identify and analyze existing gaps in the legal protection of trans people and discuss how these gaps can be closed through strategic litigation. The seminar will also provide an opportunity to share information regarding relevant legal and non-legal developments in the area of trans rights.

This year’s seminar focus will be defined based on interest and needs of participants.

The seminar is relevant to practicing lawyers who represent trans claimants before national and/or regional courts in Europe. Applications from participants in previous TGEU legal practitioners’ seminars are welcome, too.  

Places at the seminar are limited and potential participants are asked to complete an online application form[RK1]  setting out their experience and motivation for attending.

Applications will be accepted until 31 January 2019.

TGEU will cover accommodation and travelling costs associated with attending the seminar. Successful applicants will be asked to arrange their travel to Rome so that they arrive on 09 April and depart not earlier than 11 April.


From 11 – 13 April 2019, the 3rd European Trans Healthcare EPATH-Conference “Inside Matters. On Law, Ethics & Religion” will take place at the Rome Marriott Park Hotel. Find more information on the conference and registration at: www.epath.eu (early bird fees until 15 January). TGEU can unfortunately not cover costs for attending the EPATH conference.

Please direct any questions towards Richard (richard@tgeu.org).