Application for the Stückemarkt of the 2022 Theatertreffen

Where are the authors and artists who are radically challenging and questioning the established models and perspectives, the familiar topics and focuses?

The future has long since begun. Yesterday and Now have always had an impact on Tomorrow. What are we prepared to invest in our future? What strengths and conditions do we need to live our utopian ideas? How can a society design a future in the interest of everyone, for everyone and with everyone? And: Who exactly do we mean when we say “everyone”?

In keeping with its 2022 motto “What is the future worth (to us)?”, Stückemarkt is looking for theatre texts and performance works that have the courage to create outlines for a possible future and to find aesthetics and artistic approaches that enable us to experience both utopian and dystopian worlds. Who will we be once the present is over?

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