On 10th December 2021, Euro-BioImaging together with the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board will organize another special edition of the Virtual Pub. This time, owed to the season of the year, we will focus on the theme of “COLD” and evoke a little celebratory spirit with exciting talks from our community.

We are inviting abstracts for flash presentations to hear from you about a specific challenge with respect to the topic of “COLD” in imaging and what you have done to overcome this challenge, either related to your scientific project or a technology you use. Be creative – we look forward to hearing about any interpretation of COLD, such as:
  • Biology of the cold – from cold receptors and sensory reactions to cold to responses to infections with common cold viruses
  • Cold technologies – from cooling and freezing samples to low-temperature and cryo-imaging techniques
  • Keeping your sample or equipment cool – from reducing laser output and keeping high-power magnetic coils cool to incubating your sample at controlled low temperatures
  • Keeping warm in the cold – from metabolism and brown fat physiology to arctic organisms
  • Cold isotopes in molecular imaging
If you wish to present a 5 min flash presentation on this topic, please submit your abstract below.