Welcome to the survey for participants of the GermEval 2019 Shared Task 2!

This survey is mainly designed to obtain essential information about your submission to the GermEval 2019 Shared Task 2. It is complementary to the participation paper that we ask you to submit. The contents of the completed surveys will be made public in a summarized form. By completing this survey you also agree that the information you provide can be made publicly available.

The survey comprises about 30 questions, most of which are multiple-choice questions. Completing this survey should take you about 20 minutes.

At the end of this survey you will also have a chance to produce some feedback.

Please note that filling out this form is a prerequisite of being considered in the final evaluation of system submissions.

Each group should fill out exactly one survey, no matter how many system runs your group submitted or for how many subtasks you registered. The replies to the survey can only be submitted once. Please try to reply as accurately as possible!

Please notice that this survey only addresses GermEval 2019 Shared Task 2— Shared Task on the Identification of Offensive Language. If you also happen to have participated in one of the other shared tasks (Shared Task 1 Hierarchical Classification of Blurbs or Shared Task 3 Lemmatization of German Web and Social Media Texts), please make sure that your answers in this survey only refer to your system design and experience with Shared Task 2.

In case you have any further questions regarding this survey, please contact the organizers of the shared task by sending an email to iggsa2019@googlegroups.com