* 1. What are the barriers you face in being able to get the treatments and services you want and need?

* 2. Who do you see as the people or structures that keep these barriers in place?

* 3. Who do you see as the people who may be able to help remove these barriers?

* 4. Has the way you have been treated changed as you have got older?

By health professionals?

By friends and family?

Other people/situations?

If so, can you give us any examples?

* 5. Have you had to fight or campaign to change issues affecting your life? 

What were the issues?

How did the situation turn out? Has any progress been made?

* 6. Our research is showing that people who are now reaching 65 are not only experiencing the difficulties presented by the current age cap, but are also dealing with the effects of issues and discrimination from earlier in their lives.
Examples of this are;

- Physical health problems as a result of treatment for mental ill-health
- Lack of family network due to not having been able to have their own family, and/or having difficult relationships with family members.
- Ongoing issues as a result of trauma experienced within psychiatric settings.

Can you give us any other examples of past discrimination that still has an effect on you today?

* 7. Can you suggest any metaphors or images that help explain the discrimination faced by people aged 50+, with experience if mental health issues?