Waste Management of Consumables

* Customer information

* Can you rank the following consumables based to its waste generation each day in your laboratory?
( 1 = smallest waste amount, 4= biggest waste amount)

* How many pipette tips do you use per day in your laboratory?

* Which component of pipette tips (packaging, foil, pipette boxes / refills, pipette tips) is disturbing you the most when it comes to waste generation in your laboratory? Why?

* Do you have disadvantages caused by this waste in your laboratory?

* Which guidelines regulate your waste management?

* What types of waste do you autoclave before disposal?

* Do you seperate the following types of waste and collect them in different bins?

  yes no
plastic (all kind of plastics)
paper / cardboard

* What other ideas come to your mind when you think of improving your waste management?

* Which aspects are important to you when choosing pipette tips in the future?

  packaging (cardboard, foil,..) pipette boxes (Multiway Use, Single Use, Reload)
100% recycable
made of recycled components
less amount of waste
minimize weight
reduced disposal costs
low carbon footprint

* What other aspects are important to you when it comes to "sustainability in laboratories"?