Thank you for accepting our invitation to this short survey!
We greatly appreciate 5 minutes of your free time for this short survey about our new IBBK website
We have put a lot of thoughts and effort into the new website and now, please let us know if we did a good job :)
Your anonymous feedback would be of great help to us improving our service. Thank you very much!

* 1. How well does our website fit your needs?

* 2. How easy was it to navigate through our website and find what you were looking for?

* 3. How visually appealing is our website?

* 4. How easy is it to understand the information on our website?

* 5. How reliable do you consider the information on our website?

* 6. How likely would you recommend our website to your friends or colleagues?

* 7. Did you find a wrong link, a typo or any other mistake?  Let us know! Send the page URL (http://www.ibbk-biogas....) with a short description of the error. 
Or maybe there is something you are missing on our new website, let us know what.

* 8. Do you have any further suggestions how to improve our service?

* 9. We are currently working on an online biogas training. This is a video-based course, to participate on your schedule anytime, anywhere. How much are you interested in this service?

* 10. Thank you very much for your time! This is your 50 € voucher code FEEN0817 applicable on any of our future biogas events until December 2018. Please note this code down. Due to the anonymity of this survey, we are unable to re-send it once you've submitted the survey. (One voucher per person.)