In 2015, the EU started the research project NexTrust. The objective is to increase efficiency and sustainability in logistics by developing interconnected trusted collaborative networks along the entire supply chain. The results from over 30 pilot cases, governed by  the strict EU-antitrust-framework, show that the expectations in horizontal and vertical collaborations in trusted networks could be fulfilled.
Within the framework of the European research project NexTrust, GS1 Germany as a member of the consortium is conducting a study of the experience and the willingness to cooperate in supply chain networks.

The aim of the survey is to analyze the current situation as well as the future willingness to cooperate between companies along the supply chain.

You find more information about NexTrust under

The data is recorded anonymously. If you are interested in detailed information, please contact Saskia Treeck (+49 (0)221-94714 406 / or Jens Bungart (Bungart@gs1-, +49 (0)221-94714 457).

As a thank you for participating we will share the results from the survey with you . Further details are  at the end of the survey.

 Many Thanks!