Welcome to this questionnaire about symptoms and potentials in your classic or agile project environment!

The questionnaire consists out of 9 very simple to answer questions about your daily life in projects. It takes about 5 minutes.

Based on your answers, we calculate the "Negative Multitasking Score." The higher the score - the more you suffer under various problems.

Besides the score, you also get a benchmark. We provide you a comparison with over 400 companies out of various businesses and industries.

Even more, out of the last two questions and in combination with the score, we can give you a rough but very reliable estimation about the potential you have on lead time reduction and throughput increase.

And last but not least, you will get a hint about a possible direction for a solution.

We put all this information into a small presentation (in pdf format), so you can use it easily talk about it in your company.

I hope you enjoy the questions and I'm looking forward to sending you the results.

Wolfram Müller the #BlueDolphin

p.s.: this questionnaire is provided by ChangeBase and the Blue-Dolphin.World - the first community platform for self-organized changes based on TOC. The Questionaire is hosted in Europe under strict information security laws and configured in anonymous mode.