Firstly can I introduce myself - I am Melanie Morris and I am the new volunteer Coach Development lead on the NW Regional Management Board. I am Head Club Coach at Beechwood Netball Club and also run Love Netball Academy: Netball for Beginners on Saturdays and a County Academy Coach with Cheshire, I have many years experience coaching at both the elite and beginner stage of the coaching spectrum.
My passion for my sport has lead me to volunteer not only locally at Club and County but now onto the Region... How exciting!  New challenges and hopefully inspiring and encouraging more netball coaching in our community.
So to get me started, please take a couple of minutes to let me know who you are, what you need, what you want and I will see what I can do to help you in the world of coaching netball.  I'm starting new here and would love any viewpoints, guidance, suggestions and ideas.

From the results, I will be working with the Coaching Development Volunteers who are on your County Committees along with the NW Regional Netball Development officers who work for England Netball in the North West Region.
Thank you for your time - the aim of this questionnaire is to ensure our plans and resources are used to best effect to improve your coaching experience for both you and your players.

* 1. Please let me know who you are

* 2. Club Name

* 3. What County do you Affiliate to?

* 4. What level of coach are you

* 5. Where do you coach (if more than one then click one and type the rest in other)

* 7. Would you like a coach mentor?

* 8. Do you have suggestions on how North West Netball can support your coaching needs?  Please comment in the box supplied.

* 9. What do you feel hinders your coaching development?

* 10. On the 1st July North West Netball will be holding a coaching conference for all coaches.  What would you like England Netball to deliver for your coaching development at these session?