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A study in the international benchmarking
"Model Based Systems Engineering"

<strong>A study in the international benchmarking<br>"Model Based Systems Engineering"<br></strong>
Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) as a foundation for the digital engineering of tomorrow - a forward-looking approach?

The key to innovative strength and competitiveness of companies lies in the control of interdisciplinary, company-wide development processes of complex, increasingly digitized products. Therefore, new processes and tools are required to enable an increasing innovation productivity. This can be realized by a completely digitized development approach. Within the framework of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), this is achieved by linking development activities and the development tools used.

In order to enable companies to realize these potentials, we would like to identify successful and proven solutions as well as success factors for the application of MBSE in cooperation with an industrial consortium.

Use the benchmarking study to compare your approaches to Model Based Systems Engineering for the digitalization of product creation with other companies. Gain exclusive insights into the study results and new impulses for the successful implementation of a digitized product development process.

We sincerely invite you to participate in the questionnaire study and to help shape the study.

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The Industry Consortium

<span style="color: #00549f;"><strong>The Industry Consortium</strong></span>

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