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This study was initiated by Felix Winden, a medical student at the Department of Sports Orthopedic Medicine (University Hospital of the Technical University of Munich). Felix has a personal interest in field hockey, has played himself until a few years ago and now has a clinical and scientific focus on sports injuries.

This survey - put together in close collaboration with active hockey players - is designed to specifically investigate injuries in field hockey, their impact, as well as possible prevention strategies and hopes to include a large number of players from around the globe. The questions relate to training, competitive play and injury prevention as well as the injury history of athletes. In addition, questions about injury-related downtime and the level of performance after the injury will be asked.

This survey takes approximately 10 minutes and is completely anonymous under the industry leading data protection levels, provided by surveymonkey. If you have not been injured significantly, we would still be just as interested in your experiences, to find out what strategies may help prevent injury successfully!

Your participation is, of course, voluntary.

If you have any questions, requests or suggestions about the project or the results, please contact Maximilian Hinz, MD ( who coordinates this study.

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