PART 1: Introduction

1.     General Introduction

Fairtrade Standards support the sustainable development of small-scale producers and workers in the Global South. Producers and traders must meet applicable Fairtrade Standards for their products to be certified as Fairtrade. Within Fairtrade International, Standard & Pricing (S&P) is responsible for developing Fairtrade Standards. The procedure followed, as outlined in the Standard Operating Procedure for the Development of Fairtrade Standards is designed in compliance with all requirements of the ISEAL Code of Good Practice for Setting Social and Environmental Standards. This involves wide consultation with stakeholders to ensure that new and revised standards reflect Fairtrade International’s strategic objectives, are based on producers’ and traders’ realities and meet consumers’ expectations.

You are kindly invited to participate in this consultation reviewing the Fairtrade Standard for Cocoa for small producers and traders. For this purpose, we kindly ask you to comment on the proposals suggested in this document and encourage you to give explanations, analysis and examples underlying your statements.

Confidentiality: Please note that all information we receive from respondents will be treated with care and kept confidential.

Please submit your comments to the Project Manager, Fabienne Yver at: by 15-01-2017. If you have any questions regarding the draft standard or the consultation process, please contact the Project Manager by email.

Following the consultation round we will prepare a paper compiling the comments made, in an aggregate and anonymous form, which will be emailed to all participants and also be available on our Fairtrade International website. Next steps of the project are presented below in section 1.4
8% of survey complete.