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* 1. OPIN Community

We are planning to connect people that already run projects on OPIN in an “OPIN Community”. Members can answer each other’s and new users’ questions online, share their knowledge and build a network. Please help us with your feedback to understand which activities should be focused on in the OPIN Community. How useful would the following activities be to you and where could you contribute?

Please indicate how useful the following activities would be to you:

  Very useful Useful Neutral Not very useful Not at all useful
Peer-consulting in an online forum on OPIN
Co-creation of platform improvements
Sharing news and information in a newsletter
The OPIN community should be mentioned on the landing page
Offline trainings should be organized to improve eParticipation skills and enhance networks

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* 2. Best Practices - Content

We are planning to include a section of best practices on the landing page to give newcomers an easy-to-understand introduction, to get inspired and to get an idea of how a digital youth participation process could look like.

Please indicate what you think would be most important for new OPIN project initiators and should be part of the best practice presentation:

  Very important Important Neutral Not very important Not at all important
Presentation of project structure, including online and offline activities
Statements of young people on how they were involved and the importance of eParticipation for youth
Statements of decision makers – importance of eParticipation in decision making
Tips & Tricks – how to overcome different challenges in practice
Practical use of OPIN tools – Brainstorm, Agenda Setting, Text Review, Mapping Tool, Pooling, Idea Challenge

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* 3. Best Practices - Presentation of Content

Please indicate which formats would be most suitable for the presentation of best practices to new initators:

  Very suitable  Somewhat suitable  Neutral Somewhat unsuitable Not at all suitable

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* 4. e-Learning Section

We are planning on posting all learning materials concerning eParticipation that we currently have on OPIN and to produce some new e-Learning formats.

Please indicate which topics are most important for an e-Learning section on OPIN:

  Very important Important Neutral Not very important Not at all important
General information on e-Participation
-defining the goal of your project
-mapping stakeholders and participants
-creating specific content
-communication strategies
-community engagement
-(online) event management
-increasing impact
How to use OPIN

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* 5. Re-Design
We are planning on implementing a couple of changes to the landing page. What do you think is more important?

  Very important Important Neutral Not very important Not at all important
The landing page should provide more assistance for the technical use of OPIN
The landing page should provide more general information on successful e-Participation

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* 6. Interviews

We would like to find out more about what you think about the OPIN community and the platform.
Please tick the box if you are willing to be interviewed by us.

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