Welcome to the School of Built Environment, Massey University survey

Good day,

This survey is being administered by the School of Built Environment, Massey University to collect your views about our proposal to develop curriculum for a Certificate/Diploma, Graduate Certificate/Graduate Diploma programmes in Facilities Management. We need information on the appetite for this new qualification and hence your response to the survey questions will be most appreciated.

Information you provide will be used to support our application to the Committee on University Academic Programmes (CUAP). You are assured of confidentiality, as no information collected about you will be shared. The study is absolutely anonymous and no part of your responses will be published in any form other than to support the CUAP application.

Please note that your participation in the survey is voluntary, and you are free to withdraw at any time you wish.

James Rotimi PhD
Academic Dean Construction
School of Built Environment
Massey University
Tel: 09 2136329; email: j.rotimi@massey.ac.nz

*Massey University ethics committee has approved this survey.
Ethics Notification Number: 4000021488