Towards a community-led consensus paper:

Practical issues:
The survey starts with generic questions on Quality Control/Assurance (QC/QA), followed by more detailed questions per imaging modality. You can skip each modality of no relevance.

Aim of the survey:
This survey aims to gather knowledge on preclinical imaging QC/QA and standardisation procedures routinely used at different sites. The collected data will be used as a baseline to initiate a community-led consensus paper.

Who should fill the survey?
You are involved in designing, establishing, or using Quality Control protocols (QC/QA) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) at a preclinical imaging centres. And/or you are involved in collecting, analysing and publishing preclinical imaging data - go for it!

Who we are:
The ESMI Study Group on "Standardization in preclinical imaging" is a bottom-up initiative by dedicated members of the community. All Study Groups are part of the European Society for Molecular Imaging and thus, strict ESMI Data Protection Rules apply. Further information on Group & contact.