Welcome to the “Microscope in Action”  informational training session registration form. 

If you have arrived here you must be interested in renting our learning and teaching resource 'Microscope in Action' to inspire and motivate your students with fluorescence microscopy. 
During the session you will learn more about how you can rent (for free) this teaching and learning resource and how you can implement it in your classroom!  

Duration: 90 minutes
Language: English 
Format: Virtual 

Topics covered in each session: 

- Information about the rental process
- Information about the rental agreement (free of cost) 
- Virtual training- Assemble the microscope & imaging
- Support for classroom workshop design and schedule 
- Introduction to the learning, teaching and support materials
The personal data you submit will be processed under the control of EMBL-ELLS for the purpose of informing you about how to use the ELLS teaching resource. For more details please see: "Information for Data Subjects".