Survey: Animal Tracking for Conservation Purposes

Animal tracking technologies are rapidly developing and are widely used in science and conservation. We would like to get a global snapshot of the methods and technologies that are currently used, how and on which animals they are used and what experience has been gained.

Results of this survey will help to set the focus in shortly arising animal tracking guidelines in WWF's Conservation Technology Guidelines series and they will be at the Biologging Society's disposal. 

If you are involved in several rather diverse tracking studies please think of the largest or the most recent project. You are also warmly invited to fill more than one form for different studies.

In the end, before the form is submitted, you can enter name and e-mail or stay completely anonymous (we do not store IP addresses). There are no mandatory fields. You may skip any question that you don't want or are not able to answer.

Please help us and feel free to forward the link to this survey to colleagues that might also be willing to share their knowledge and experience in animal tracking.

Thank you very much for your support!
Wolfgang Fiedler, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Germany 

* 1. What is your experience in animal tracking for conservation purposes?

* 2. How many loggers have you attached to animals so far?

* 3. What are the main motivations for your tracking project?
Please rank, you can move the lines up and down

* 4. On which species (or species group) are you using tracking technologies?
please tell us up to three species or groups

* 5. What are the main features you are interested in?

* 6. What type of sensor or identification measure do you use?

* 7. please name up to 5 tracking products (with manufacturer's name) that you use in your tracking projects
Please tell us any name that we can google if necessary or enter "own built devices" when applicable

* 8. how much experience do you have with these loggers?

  I have extensive experience I have some experience
Product, Manufacturer 1
Product, Manufacturer 2
Product, Manufacturer 3
Product, Manufacturer 4
Product, manufacturer 5

* 10. How is data transmitted from the device to your database?

* 11. How is the device attached?

* 12. Do you use a drop off mechanism?

* 13. Which permits do you need to perform your tracking work?

* 14. Is your tracking data visible or accessible to the public?

* 15. Where is your tracking data primarily stored?

* 16. What do you think are the most important things to be solved in the area of animal tracking in the next 5 years...

* 17. If a database for anonymous reporting of tag or attachment failures would be available to improve techniques and learn from mistakes, would you contribute to that and report failures there?

0 0 = surely not / 100 = definitely / or anything in between...
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 18. What would be the dream project you would like to do in 5-10 years from now, given technology and funding permits it?

* 19. Do you like to gives us your name and e-mail address?
Your name and contact details will not be given to anybody outside the group analysing this survey. If you want to stay anonymous please just leave blank.

* 20. Do you allow us to contact you to share more of your expertise?

* 21. Are you interested to be informed about the results of this survey?
In this case we of course need your contact details in question 19

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