Welcome to British in Germany e.V. survey on contact with Foreigners' Offices

British in Germany e.V. is collecting feedback on contacts between UK citizens and local Foreigners' Offices (Ausländerbehörden) about notification of residence under the Withdrawal Agreement and arrangements for new residence documents (Aufenthaltsdokument GB). If you are a UK citizen claiming rights to residence in Germany under the Withdrawal Agreement we would love to hear from you! Your input will help us understand what is happening for research and campaigning. That will mean that we can provide general feedback to the relevant German authorities and will help us to provide the most relevant information on our website. Overall this will hopefully improve the process for UK citizens as well as for the German authorities themselves. 
It should take less than 5 minutes to complete the survey. 
The survey data is being collected anonymously and will be collected and stored in compliance with EU data regulations and British in Europe's data privacy and protection policy. For details: britishineurope.org/data-privacy-protection Please confirm your agreement.

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