1. Introduction

Dear ITNS member

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this online survey.

It is a sub-study of the Building research initiative group: chronic illness management and adherence in transplantation (BRIGHT) study, an international, multi-center, cross-sectional research project that was launched and conducted in partnership with ITNS. More information on BRIGHT is available in the study protocol published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing (Berben et al., 2014). This sub-study is designed to evaluate the CIMI-BRIGHT questionnaire developed for the BRIGHT study. You will be asked to provide some demographic information about you and your transplant center and then to complete the CIMI-BRIGHT questionnaire.  This questionnaire asks about practice patterns used in your everyday work and competencies of the healthcare professionnals working in your center. For example, it asks how patients’ medication adherence is assessed or how the follow up care of transplant patients in your transplant program is organized.
The proposal for the study was reviewed and approved by the ethics committee Nordwest- und Zentralschweiz, Switzerland on April 28, 2015.

Your answers will help us to evaluate the validity of the CIMI-BRIGHT questionnaire which was developed to gain a better understanding of system factors that may influence patients’ adherence after transplantation.

All your data will be kept strictly confidential. The completion of the questionnaire will take approximately 30 minutes.

Instructions for completing the survey:

Choose the answer that most closely fits with your opinion or what you do in your everyday practice.
Please complete this online questionnaire within 14 days.
Thank you very much for participating!

The BRIGHT study team
8% of survey complete.