1. Welcome to our Aftermarket survey 2018

Actual the automotive market is in a big development and period of changes. In view of these major changes, we want to use this survey to clarify the possible scenarios for the European aftermarket.
Your opinion as an automotive aftermarket expert is important to us in assessing the future development in the automotive aftermarket.
Advantages for you: after 17.04.2018, you will receive summarized anonymized feedback of the first survey round by e-mail if you have completed the questionnaire.
These compressed results give you a first impression of how the aftermarket will develop in the opinion of experts. This is a first aid in finding future concepts and strategies in the aftermarket.

Wolk after sales experts carries out a neutral multi-stage "Delphi survey" at its own risk, with feedback from aftermarket experts on the different sales channels of the aftermarket supply chain for passenger cars in Europe.

The survey is conducted online in 9 European country clusters, which have almost homogeneous aftermarket structures.
It is absolutely certain that your opinion will not be passed on to third parties.

Objective: How do aftermarket experts estimate quantitative and qualitative trends in technical terms?
Development of new drive technologies and digitization for individual   sales channels in the European aftermarket supply chain in order to reduce individual misjudgments
The first round of the survey: Start in March 2018. Presentation of the basic results at the Aftermarket Forum 2018 on 17 April 2018 in Essen.

For questions and suggestions, please contact us by e-mail at sebastian.heitfeld@wolk-aftersales.de or michel.funder@wolk-aftersales.de
2% of survey complete.