ARC Survey on Track & Trace


In the light of the rapid transformation of the industrial sector industrial companies are considering or have begun to apply available technologies to create a transparent supply chain. Track & Trace solutions can provide insights and control of the entire process: from the supplier of raw materials or parts, through the in-house process and warehousing up to the end customer.

ARC's Track & Trace survey wants to gain insights into these dynamic, complex, and fast-moving solutions, by assessing the offerings, opportunities and challenges the application or development of Track & Trace solutions holds for end users, suppliers and integrators. You may use your desktop or mobile device to participate in this assessment.

Who should take this survey?
All personnel involved with the application or sales/implementation of products or services in Track & Trace. This survey is directed at end users, suppliers and service providers/integrators. 

Results will be presented in aggregated form only.  ARC guarantees that your individual responses won’t be shared with others.

Benefits of taking the Survey
If you leave your contact details, we will send you a summary of the findings after the survey is completed.  If you agree to be contacted by ARC, we may get in touch with you for follow-up research. In this discussion you can also ask some questions to ARC analysts about the topic.

This questionnaire contains around 15 questions on Track & Trace solutions and should take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

For more information about this survey, please contact ARC Advisory Group Analyst Constanze Schmitz at