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The SENSES project

The overarching goal of SENSES is to develop the Climate Change Scenario Toolkit - a tailor-made, user determined toolkit connecting the new generation of climate community (CC) scenarios to decisive stakeholder groups.
For more detailed information please visit www.senses-project.org.

The Toolkit will include
* a unique set of user-centered scenario visualization tools, and
* practical guidelines and manuals on co-production techniques of relevant climate change scenario knowledge.

Complex scenario information is translated into relevant knowledge for these user groups to gain insights into
* adaptation to climate change
* mitigation of climate change and
* residual climate impacts

Providing this information and tools to the user groups can only be achieved if their needs are well understood. Therefore we conduct this survey to understand your background and interests best!
The SENSES project is funded by the JPI Climate and co-funded by the European Union.