Time to meet!

We would like to invite all THK-Alumni for the Alumni Meeting in Germany from 29th September to 2nd October 2017 - right before the MitOst Festival.

Topic of the Alumni Meeting is IMPACT and we want to talk about the local impact we have in our communities and how we can streghten it.
The meeting gives us a chance to spend a good time together, share our ideas, experiences, thoughts and learn new things.

You are welcome to contribute to the program! Run your own workshop and share knowledge, new methods, ideas, make us dance, do sports, play games or anything you can think of!

On the 4th October the international MitOst Festival in Franfurt Oder & Slubice starts. For registration for the festival, click here.

General information:
 29th September at 19 a.m.
 2nd at 19 a.m.

Place: close to Berlin (Germany)
Language: English

Accommodation and food costs during the Alumni Meeting will be completely covered. Your travel costs will be reimbursed on the meeting according the limits of the MitOst Festival.
All alumni who cannot attend the festival due to financial reasons please contact us!

Deadline for applications is 28th of August.
Selected participants will be contacted no later than 4th of September.

* 1. Name Surname

* 2. E-Mail

* 3. Country

* 4. Current living place

* 5. Program I took part in

* 6. I'm a MitOst member:

* 7. My motivation to attend the Alumni Meeting:

* 8. Why are you interested in the topic of Impact and what experience do you already have with it?

* 9. Alumni Meeting I have attended before
(please add place & year)

* 10. Topics I'd like to talk about during the Meeting:

* 11. Workshop I imagine to offer

* 12. Duration of the workshop

* 13. I need a visa for Germany:

* 14. My travel costs will be around:

* 15. My Food Preference

* 16. I will stay for the MitOst Festival!