Welcome to this survey on organic group certification requirements.
This survey is organized by IFOAM-Organics International. It follows from a study conducted and published by FiBL on the status of group certification implementation (study available here).

This survey is composed of 20 questions related to 6 technical topics identified as the most relevant for the further development of the regulatory framework for group certification. It is a technical survey designed to be answered by people who understand how group certification works and have ideas on how it could be improved. This would include for example experts from producer groups, traders or consultants who closely worked with producer groups and ICS implementation, organic inspectors and certification staff, or competent authorities with experience in oversight of producer group certification. Please do not answer this survey if you are not familiar with group certification. 

We advise you to first get an idea of the survey content by viewing the PDF of the survey questions here, after which you will be better prepared to answer the survey online. 

The outcomes of the survey will be discussed at an international multi-stakeholder workshop in May 2019, and ultimately serve to advocate for improvement of organic accreditation requirements and regulations globally, including the new EU organic regulation.

Thank you for sharing your opinion!

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