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* 1. Every Port’s main function is economic development. How do you think the Port of Allyn should accomplish this?

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* 2. The Port of Allyn updates its Comprehensive Plan periodically as projects are completed. In the plan updates, the Port prioritizes its new projects and reports on existing projects that are still in various stages of completion. The Port is proposing 7 projects for the period between 2020 and 2023, and has prioritized them as follows:

1  Complete the Sargent Oyster House Restoration Project
2  Develop a Commercial and/or Light Industrial Park.
3  Develop a Staging Area for tow vehicles and boats at the Allyn Boat Launch 
4  Develop a Commercial Indoor Shooting Range
5  Develop Sweetwater Park in conjunction with the Salmon Center
6  Develop a first-class destination Soccer and Baseball combination sports complex.
7  Repairs and upgrades to the swimming pool at Lynch Cove.

Progress was made on some of the previous projects in 2018 and 2019. Specifically, the Transiant Moorage Facility, which brought power and water to the dock at the end of the Allyn Pier was completed. It also included an unanticipated complete rebuild of the floating dock, which was damaged beyond repair in a storm. That facility is now open for business.  

The Sargent Oyster House project made significant progress since the last plan update, gaining both a $218,000 Capital Budget appropriation and a $160,000 Heritage Grant. Engineering is currently underway for the design of the pilings and platform the building will sit on when it is moved to the waterfront, and for removal of the old launch ramp. There is also work underway for the stabilization of the building itself, and we are hopeful to have it moved to the waterfront sometime in late 2020 or early 2021.
As Mason County grows, there will be a demand for more first-class , high-tech business space. With the Highway 3 Freight Mobility Corridor finally moving forward, this project is a natural to move up in the priority order. It may also be possible to incorporate the proposed shooting range - which has the support of local and regional law enforcement - into the construction of this project.

The Staging Area for tow vehicles and boats at the boat launch was an unanticipated target of opportunity. When the property at the end of Drum Street at the corner of the Waterfront Park became available, it was offered to the Port, which purchased it. The Port put together the plan for the Staging Area and was awarded a $500,000 State Recreational and Conservation Office (RCO) grant for the project, which included the purchase of the property. The project is in the design stage, along with assessments of any hazardous materials that will need to be removed prior to demolition of the structure currently on the property.

Projects 5 and 6 are carryovers from the previous plan. The Port just recently secured clear title to the Sweetwater Park property and intends to purchase the parcel next to it, which is necessary for the project as envisioned to move forward. The Destination Sports Complex was the public's Number One choice for a project in the last survey, but the unavailability of the amount of land necessary - at an affordable price - has forced it to to be reprioritized.

During the last update to the plan, a number of residents expressed an interest in building a indoor public pool. Research found that this was not a cost-effective project for the Port to attempt. However, the pool at Lynch Cove is in need of some significant repairs. This could possibly be funded by an RCO grant the Port is eligible to apply for. Conditions for securing such a grant would require the pool be open to the public - not just the residents of Lynch Cove. The Port will continue to explore the possibilities for this project. 

Please put these projects in your personal priority order

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* 3. Funding for projects is often the key to which projects get done and which ones don’t. The Port has limited resources other than what is budgeted in its Capital Budget. While it can apply for various grants, and has been successful in the past two years doing so, there is no gurantee that will be the case in the future. Knowing this, how should the Port fund each of your priority projects?

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* 4. Other than the projects identified above, the Port is considering becoming involved with the Salmon Center on a trail project from Belfair State Park to connect with the trails at the Theler Center. Do you support this project?

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* 5. What other projects would you like to see the Port pursue?